Legends of Mitra


Crimson Fell

Crimson Fell is a moorland filled with crimson-colored flora, some of which is poisonous to life. The Fell is a dangerous place to traverse, and the bones of many foolish adventurers litter the moorland, food for the worms.

The Curse of Crimson Fell

The Curse of Crimson Fell is a deadly plague that befalls humans every five years. Those who become afflicted waste away, debilitated to the point that they become fragile and vulnerable. The curse leaves victims unable to absorb nutrients, and they eventually starve to death. There is no known cure for the curse, and no one knows how the curse is caught or spread.
It was surmised by scholars from various human Kingdoms that the curse originated in Crimson Felland spread outward from there to afflict those who lived on the other side of the planet.

Divine Guardians

Divine guardians are beings created by gods and goddesses and responsible for protecting Mitra and its people. They are not as powerful as gods and goddesses, but they nevertheless possess unfathomable power from the point of view of mortals.


Exotír is a massive castle located at the center of the Exotírian Empire.

The Exotír Empire

The Exotírian Empire is an empire of monsters that spans well over 2,500 square kilometers. Most of the territory is free of structures and only occupied by monsters, but some areas have massive structures to house and protect monsters, especially those favored by Emperor Exoteros.


Exoteros is the Emperor of the Exotírian Empire and the Oblivion Horde. He is an intelligent behemoth who has adopted the concept of civilization and wishes to conquer the planet, unite all monsters under his will and reign over all other sentient life.

Exoteros’ Keep

Exoteros’ Keep is an incredibly fortified and guarded tower located at the center of Exotír. The Keep was constructed as a defensive base of operations for the villainous Exoteros. He devises ways to strengthen his followers, create new ones, and expand his Empire from this symbolic seat of power.

The Mausoleum of Crimson Fell

The Mausoleum of Crimson Fell is a massive but well-hidden tomb wherein Ólachthíz, the goddess, has been sealed by her fellow gods and goddesses. The Mausoleum is protected by Divine Guardians and other such spirit allies of the gods.
Ólachthíz is a fallen goddess who had become enamoured with the concepts of human emotion and desire, which in and of itself was not an issue among gods and goddesses but became one when she sinned. In response to her sin, the other gods and goddesses exiled her from their world and sealed her in the Catacombs of Crimson Fell, where she has remained for centuries, her power stripped from her by the bindings of the mystical seal.
Although the seal that was placed on the Catacombs repressed her power, Ólachthíz found she was able to amass it after the passing of many hundreds of years. Her time entombed left her spiteful of the mortals she had previously adored, and so she cursed humanity with a vile plague that would torture them and make them grow fearful of death.

Ólachthíz’s Children

Ólachthíz’s Children are abhorrent creatures that Ólachthíz periodically creates. Although their purpose is to provide companionship, they are formidable in battle as they are creations of a being of incredible power.

The Oblivion Horde

The Oblivion Horde is a seemingly endless horde of monsters that have conquered much of the planet and lust for more power. Humans gave them this name, for the monsters once decimated the human population, and many feared the end of Humanity was nigh.
The Horde was thought to be the cause of the Curse of Crimson Fell, but this will be disproved once the fallen goddess Ólachthíz is discovered.
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