Legends of Mitra

Skills & Towers


  • Purge: Purge is a skill that creates an explosion that kills any enemy or Hero caught in the skill’s small AoE, excluding the Hero who used it. Towers take massive damage, and Weaker Towers can get destroyed after one explosion. The Hero who possesses this skill is an Epic or Legendary Hero.
  • Red Thread: Red Thread is a skill that allows the player to invoke a random Mythic or Legendary Hero they own to assist them. The assistance is for a short period (30 seconds).
  • Heal: Heal restores a small amount of level's health.
  • Scavenge: Gives extra War Coins during war to upgrade towers.
  • Frost: Allows a player to freeze all enemies in a particular range.
  • Explosive: It damages all enemies in a particular range.
  • Freeze spell: Strong power-up, freezes all enemies on the map.
  • Destruction spell: Strong power-up, damages all enemies on the map.


Ballista tower: Shoots bolts, quickly attacks individual enemy, deals physical damage
Cannon tower: Shoots cannonballs, deals area physical damage
Arcane mage: Attacks single enemy, deals high instant magical damage.
Light mage: Deals with area magical damage of low-medium power but puts a spell on enemies, so they are still slightly damaged over the next few seconds.

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