Legends of Mitra

Game Play


Campaign is a PVE (Player vs Environment) mode designed for players who do not wish to engage in PVP or want to grind experience, heroes, items, and so on for the other two modes. It has up to 10 Chapters, and each Chapter has six levels to facilitate the grinding of specific skills and resources. Levels become more complex and offer more and better rewards as the difficulty increases.


Battle mode is designed to accommodate a wide variety of players who wish to engage in active PVP (Player vs Player). To accomplish this goal, there are various defensive options that a player can acquire and use. During a battle, players are randomly matched to fight each other, depending on their heroes level, skills and abilities.
Combat mode is locked until a player completes Chapter 3 in Campaign mode or pays to unlock Combat mode.


Clan mode is designed for players who wish to engage in community-based and/or long-term gameplay. Clans are groups of players that come together to compete and raid other Clans.
Within a Clan, there are different ranks such as
  • King
  • Consuls
  • Commanders
  • Warriors

Clan Raids

A raid is a one on one battle between two clans. During a raid, the attacking clan attempts to raid the defending clan’s resources by attacking and damaging strategic places at the fort.
There is a limit on the number of Heroes which can be deployed during a Raid when there is no clan member online. The limit depends on the kind of Fort being raided. Villages are the strictest, whereas Kingdom & Empires have no limit. These limits are designed to keep Raids balanced. Forts have vantage places where players can build Towers and position their heroes. These Towers and heroes will automatically defend the Fort during Raids.
A member of the clan can log-in to deploy more Heroes to assist the Fort’s defenses during an attack. The limit on the raiding clan is removed when this happens. The limit is placed on the raiding clan again once the member logs out. Owners who log in and out are locked out of manually defending their Fort for a given period of time.
Subsequently, logging in and out after having done it during a given Raid will result in longer and longer lockouts until the Raid is over. When a player’s Fort is successfully raided, it is destroyed. When more than 80% of a Fort is destroyed, it will cost 15% of the original cost to repair it. If 50% to 79% is destroyed, it is 10% of the original cost to repair it, and if less than 50% is destroyed, it will cost 5% of the original cost to repair it.
Resources to build a Fort can be earned over time by playing the Campaign or Battle Mode or purchasing from other player in the marketplace. Players with extra resources can sell them to other players. Forts are located on small sections of land that the Oblivion Horde has not discovered. At first, the land is empty, and the clan must gather the resources required to build a Fort. Once the Fort has been created, it can be Raided.
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