Legends of Mitra

The Game

Oh well, it is what it is - The Beginning to the End
Your Kingdom, Mitra, had been suffering under the Curse of Crimson Fell when the Oblivion Horde invaded. Sensing weakness, much like a predator watching a dying fawn, the monstrous Horde knew the Kingdom was ripe for plunder and swept across the land, ruthlessly destroying all in its path.
You were forced to flee to safety, together with your family and the Royal guard. Survivors from across the Kingdom flocked to your banner, seeking refuge from the Oblivion Horde. Finally, your scouts located an isolated portion of land, hidden away deep in the forest, that would provide shelter from the destruction that had befallen your Kingdom.
Thankful for the respite, your subjects were able to gather the resources necessary to build and fortify a small village. Over time, wounds healed, and you were able to get back on your feet.
Before long, the Oblivion Horde discovered your village and besieged it. However, this time, you were prepared; your troops were ready to fend off the monsters and push them out of the Kingdom. The Curse of Crimson Fell could now be dealt with as the Kingdom grew strong once more.
Over time, your village grew to city stature. You fortified the city walls to defend your people, and the Kingdom prospered once more. By Royal decree, you sent forth scouts and spies to uncover secrets of the Oblivion Horde and the cause of the Curse of Crimson Fell.
One day, your spymaster returned to court and revealed a disturbing plot to conquer the planet. Your neighbours, the Exotírian Empire, had been amassing arms in secret. Now they were poised to invade their neighbors and allies and subjugate all.
After some preparation and planning, you waged war on the Exotírian Empire to bring an end to its tyranny. The battle was long and costly, for Emperor Exoteros was adept at strategizing and an exceptional opponent. He had gathered to his side many fierce and powerful creatures - tarrasques, minotaurs, and wyverns, and many of your most loyal warriors fell before Mitra was victorious. Mitra was left weakened from the battle, but over time the Kingdom recovered well and again, you were pleased.
The Curse of Crimson Fell still loomed, and you decided to take matters into hand personally before its effects brought Mitra low once more. You traveled to Crimson Fell with a strong entourage of your best soldiers to seek out the source of the curse. Eventually, your forward scouting party came across a small and peculiar mausoleum.
Upon entering the mausoleum, you were attacked by Ólachthíz’s Children. Your army was large and powerful, and you managed to fight them off without many casualties.
You made preparations and then began to explore the mausoleum. A hidden passage was found by one of your keen-eyed men, and as your battle force traversed through, you found yourself deep within the Catacombs of Crimson Fell. You barely had time to take your bearings before waves of Ólachthíz’s Children descended into the Catacombs to do battle.
After the battle, you found Ólachthíz in the darkest depths of the Catacombs. She complained to you about what humans had done to her and said she would continue to curse them until freed.

Choice A

You engaged in a devastating battle against her but came out victorious. The curse has ceased to plague humanity since then.

Choice B

You offered to help her. She told you where the seal was located, which kept her bound in place. She provided all the power that she could to aid you; she blessed your people’s weapons and sent her children to fight alongside you.
When you found the seal, a divine guardian manifested and summoned waves of lesser spirits to protect it. With the aid of Ólachthíz’s children, you were able to defeat the divine guardian and break the seal, freeing Ólachthíz and restoring her to her original glory.
Ólachthíz thanked you, apologized for her wrath, and promised to watch over the planet from that point on, as she had in the past. In return, she asked that she be visited from time to time to give thanks for her divine aid.

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