Q3 - 2021

    Design and implement 4 heroes - Done
    Complete Level 1 to 6 - Done
    Complete Level 6 to 12 - Done
    Wax Smart Contract
      Signup - Done
      Login - Done
      Reset Pincode - Done
      Minting Heroes (NFT) - Done
      Buying of MITA (Game) - Done
      Human Mining - Done
    Launch LoM Website - Done
    Launch Private Beta - Testnet (Invite only) : Limited to active community members on our discord server and their invite. and

Q4 - 2021

    Limited sale of Heroes on Wax & Opensea
    Launch in-game NFT Marketplace (done)
    Alogrand <> NFT Bridge for LoM (done)
    Bsc <> Wax NFT Bridge for LoM (done)
    Bsc <> Wax Token Bridge for LoM (done)
    Complete smart contract audit
    Private IDO of MITA tokens

Q1 - 2022

    Add 3 more heroes
    Add 10 new levels
    Public IDO of MITA tokens (Liquidity)

Q2 - 2022

    Implement MITA withdrawal - Cap at 1000 MITA per day
    Complete Level 21 - TBA
    Add 3 more new heroes
    Public launch of LoM
    List MITA on an exchange
    Gem <> MITA Swap : 30 days window

Q3 - 2022

    Private Launch of PvP mode (invite only)
    Start aggressive growth hacking & marketing campaign
      Invite rewards system
      Paid marketing
      Community rewards program
      Influencer rewards program

Q4 - 2022

    Public Launch of PvP mode
    Algorand <> Wax MITA token Bridge
    Eth <> Wax MITA token Bridge
    Remove MITA withdrawal limit

Q1 - Q4, 2023

    Add 10 more heroes
    Public Launch of Clan mode
    List MITA on tier 1 exchange

2024 ~

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