Legends of Mitra
Legends of Mitra is being developed by Gem Studios, a blockchain-focused gaming studio founded in 2020. The team currently consists of 10+ dedicated and decentralized employees.

Kena - Team Lead

Kena is a serial entrepreneur with over 12 years of building and scaling software companies. Before Legends of Mitra, he worked on three SaaS products with two of them being acquired.
With a computer science and a business degree, he brings to the team a strong technical, business, marketing and leadership skills. Since 2015, he has been advising and contributing to several blockchain projects. Twitter Country :

Onah - Technical Lead

Onah has over 10 years of experience working within the software industry in Vietnam. With her degree in Information Technology and strong skills in core networking, cybersecurity, AI, and smart contract development, she leads and oversees all the technical aspects of Legends of Mitra. Github / Linkedin Country :

Romain - Lead Game Developer

Romain started making games when he was just 10 years old. He joins the team with many years of experience in game development and he personally loves indie games, especially RPGs, local co-op and Metroidvanias. Linkedinโ€‹
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David - Lead Frontend Engineer

David is strong frontend engineer. He has a computer science degree from Middlesex University and with over 7 years of industrial experience under his belt.
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Dedi - Lead Game Designer
Dedi has been an indie game developer and a designer since 2011. His user experience and design skill are top notch. At he is currently the lead designer on Legends of Mitra.
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