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Players in LoM are rewarded for their time, efforts, and skills in the game. The reward is measured and calculated using a player's MITA Score and other factors explained below.

MITA Rewards

MITA is rewarded to players after they complete their Daily Quest. Players are able to earn reward some amount of MITA depending on;
  • Class of hero
  • Game difficulty
  • MITA Score
Game Difficulty Modifier will be adjusted from time to time.
Subjected to change
Daily MITA Rewards = (ConstantReward * (DifficultyModifier + MITAScore)) + ConstantReward

MITA Score

Every 24hrs, a new Raw Score of 10 is awarded to players who played the game for at least 5mins the previous day. The new Raw Score is added to the old Raw Score used in the calculation of a player's MITA Score
If your reputation scores within the game, it is always represented in the nearest whole number. It is measured by checking the daily activeness and responsibleness of players in the game. It simply requires a player to play the game each day, while not trying to cheat in the game. Every player will start with a Raw Score(Rs) of 10. The maximum MITA Score a player can ever get is 0.1. MITA Scores are calculated with the following formula;
MS = ((log10((Rs)))/10
  • Log10
  • Rs = Raw Score
  • 10 = constant divider
Always kept at 2 decimal places.

Battle Rewards

Apart from MITA there are so many other battle rewards a player can earn in Legends of Mitra after completing a battle. The player can get rewards based on how well the battle went. Battle coins (BC) that are not spent during the battle will be kept by the player. MXP, Concrete and Warm meals are always rewarded to the players, but change in amount based on the performance. All rewards are determined by some modifiers, as follows:
Subjected to Change
Subjected to Change
Subjected to Change

We can calculate each rewards as follows:

BCKept = RemainingBC + ((RemainingBC * BattleModifier * RarityModifier * DifficultyModifier)/200)
MXP = (10 * LastSwarmNumber * BattleModifier * RarityModifier * DifficultyModifier)/300
Warm Meals = (10 * LastSwarmNumber * BattleModifier * RarityModifier * DifficultyModifier) / 200
Concrete = (10 * LastSwarmNumber * BattleModifier * RarityModifier * DifficultyModifier) / 200
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