Legends of Mitra
Play to Earn
Players in LoM are rewarded for their time, efforts, and skills in the game. The reward is measured and calculated using a player's Gem Score and other factors explained below.

Raw Score

Every 24hrs, a new Raw Score of 1000 is rewarded to players who played the game for at least 5mins the previous day. The new Raw Score is used in the calculation of a player's Gem Score.

Gem Score

Is your reputation score within the game, it is always represented in the nearest whole number. It is measured by checking the daily activeness and responsibleness of players in the game. It simply requires a player to play the game each day, while not trying to cheat in the game.
Every player will start with a Gem Score (Gs) of 20 and a Raw Score(Rs) of 1000. The maximum Gem Score a player can ever get is 85. Gem Scores are calculated with the following formula;
Gs = ((log10(abs(Rs))*5)+5
  • Log10
  • Abs = returns the absolute value of a number
  • Rs = Raw Score
  • 5 = constant but represents time in minutes


Gem Score (Gs)
Star Points (Sp) : Total stars earn per game
Hero Points (Hp) : The rarity and the level of the hero you are using.

In-game earning calculation

R = (Gs*Sp*Hp) / 100


Every 2 years, starting from 1st May, 2023, the total amount of reward (R) players earn in the game will be halved. This will continue until 1st May, 2026. Below is a list of the halving dates and time;
Let nR = New Reward
  • 1st September, 2022 : 12:00am => nR = R/2
  • 1st September, 2024 : 12:00am => nR = R/4
  • 1st September, 2026 : 12:00am => nR = R/8
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