Legends of Mitra



All Doku has ever known has been war. He was the army foot soldier since he was 15 summers old, and has become the best in all of the kingdom's history. The young man is well built and commands respect from strangers he meets immediately. The king chose to use this to his advantage and made him the leader of the main initial forces of an attack. He wields a standard sword and a shield that has saved his life more than once.


Overcharge: Doku sends radiant energy from his sword that deals 300% damage to the target.
Stealth Shield: Doku uses his shield that completely protects him and prevent enemies attacks from affecting him for 30 seconds.
Doku Strikes with his sword while shielding himself with his shield.
Doku is a strategic asset. He has little damage output and can die in one blow, but he has great stealth abilities and can provide you with invaluable information that could change the course of a battle. His sword and shield equipment provide decent offense and defense, and his fire damage long-range ability can be a great asset to whittle hordes with low health. This makes Doku a good hero to place close to the spawn area of the map.


No one truly knows just where silica came from. One day, while the King and his people were rebuilding, she appeared within the town hall, cloaked in her usual robes, wearing a hood that concealed her pale face. She wielded all sorts of blades around herself, from longswords to small throwing knives. Her lethality was obvious, as well as the fact she intended no harm on the Kingdom.
Without any real explanation, she opted to fight for the Kingdom against all it foes, developing a particularly strong friendship with Wukong, as they bonded over their love for Kingdom.
Spectral Punch: This creates an energy force that pushes the enemies back.
Shadow: Instantly causing 30% damaged to all enemies within the target range
Silica strikes with her sword to cut enemies coming towards here
Silica thrives in close and mid range combat. She can be used in a more stealthy strategy, and can be an incredibly powerful asset when combined with other heroes. Though her sword damage output is massive, few hits are enough to kill her, so she must be used carefully. She is fighter.


Naga was a simple fisherman for most of his life, like his father , and his father's father before him. For 4 decades, this big burly man only knew life at sea and wanted the simpler things in life. All changed when he had a daughter with his late wife. His baby girl meant more to him than he ever thought anything could, so when conscription took the Kingdom by storm, Naga opted to fight and protect his child from the invaders.
Naga is more muscular than most of his peers. He quickly progressed through the military, and after a few short months, he was a burly hero fighting alongside the greatest legends all across the battlefield. Most of the lesser soldiers, those who are simply untrained villagers, view him as a hero and example and often rally for him alone in battles.
GroundBash: Naga sends a force of energy affects 4 nearby enemies in the shortest possible radius causing them complete damage.
War Song: For 30 seconds, all nearby heroes increase damage output by 20%
Naga summons sharp lines of silver that mimic fishing lines. They pierce enemies and cause bleeding damage.
Though he doesn't output mass amounts of damage, Naga is a very sturdy individual that can absorb a vast amount of hits. It is wise to use him as a punching bag as weaker characters get to work from a safe distance. He is a tank-type hero, starts fights and tries to soak up as much attention and damage as possible while the harder-hitting classes tear into the targets.


Awo has gained a reputation for being the most fierce She Devil in all the lands. Empires and cults alike have seen their soldiers' fleet at the sight of her. Despite her gender, Awo stands 6 feet tall and is incredibly smart. Her greatest weapon is her wit, followed closely by her sharp claws. The king and his people know Awo as a loving human woman, who only turns into this beast at times of war. She is usually a tempered soul who prefers to go unnoticed until her abilities are needed.
Shadow Claw: Awo's dark shadow claw will attack and deal 40% damage to all enemies in a particular radios.
Nightmare: Attacks with multiple wolf skulls to frightening all enemies to flee.
Range swipes with the claw hands that launch towards the enemy. Good chance of dealing huge damage.
Awo is a strong fighter, but her true strength lies in the psychological effects she has on enemies.
Wukong is one of the few remaining masters of the fighting style “wjek”. He was found by his old master abandoned in the forest and was then raised in the monastery as a warrior monk. For most of his young life, he only knew his brothers and sisters from the monastery, the outside world was meant to be dangerous due to the crimson fell and oblivion horde, and their whole lives they had been trained to defeat them.
One night, their monastery was ambushed by the crimson fell, and Wukong along with a few others fled moved to join the King's army. Since then, the martial monk has dedicated his skills to protect and serve this generous King.
Martial Chop
Wukong can muster all of his pent-up energy and double his damage output for a period of 60 seconds.
Shuriken strike
Wukong will throw a volley of shurikens from midrange to devastate the opponent causing 30% damage to them.
Wukong strikes the enemies multiple times using his stuff.
Wukong is a martial artist at heart, and thus prefers to be up close and personal. Although it is possible to cause damage in the midrange with some abilities, close combat is where Wukong thrives. Because of his extensive skills in combat, he is equally skilled at offense and defense, allowing him to be used quite flexibly.
Kong is a teacher from the Monkey land which is part of the Mitra Kingdom and the one who trained Wukong. He was born into a family that has a long history of being exceptionally skilled in Kung Fu and the ways of the ancient fight. As the firstborn of the family, he had no option but to follow tradition and become the greatest at what the family is best known for.
Once Kong became of age, as tradition demands, he has to select one person every 10 years from the Kingdom whom he had to train in the ancient arts of Kungfu. Wukong became his first student. 8 years into the training, their monastery was attacked by Horde, the anger of not being able to totally train his first student made him join the Mitra army to fight.
Jade skin
Kong covers his skin in jade energy, which greatly shields him from damage for a 20 secs
Hammer strike
Kong does a small leap and deals a powerful strike with his hammer causing enemies in range 25% damage
Kong randomly switches from striking with his hammer to hitting with his fists. Hammer strikes deal small bonus damage while his fists grant him an evasion bonus.
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