Legends of Mitra

Legends of Mitra

Official Whitepaper for Legends of Mitra (LoM) - This is a living document
Legends of Mitra is an NFT merge defense game where you fight with your heroes to defend your Kingdom. The stronger your strategy and defenses the more rewards you will earn.
LoM is free-to-play-to-earn game being built on the Klaytn, Cronos, Algorand, and Binance chain that rewards players anywhere in the world with MITA tokens, in-game item and NFTs depending on their engagement and skills in the game.
The key difference between LoM and a traditional mobile game is the integration of Blockchain technology and the economic incentives designed into the game that reward players for their time, contributions, and efforts in the game. We call this "Human Mining".
Another important difference is the NFT component of the game. All heroes collected for free or by purchase will completely belong to the owner. They can transfer, keep, or sell them on our in-game marketplace.
Compared with other blockchain games, our goal is to make our game user-friendly and simple to play. Blockchain is still a new and difficult concept, but we want to make a straightforward platform that everyone from kids to the elderly can enjoy. The idea is that a user can play the game and earn MITA and NFTs without needing to know the details of blockchain functionality.
Players can earn by:
  • Fighting and winning PVE battles.
  • Competing in PVP battles.
  • Joining Clans and winning Clan Wars.
  • Being top 10 on daily leaderboards.
  • Collecting, selling heroes & resources on the marketplace.
  • Staking MITA tokens for rewards.
Blockchain Through Gaming
Gem Studios, creators of Angry Warlord , Dragon fly, and now LoM, are on a mission to build games that are appealing to casual gamers while also integrating blockchain into fundamental areas of the game. Unlike other blockchain games, we strive to make the onboarding experience easy and simple.
Our vision is to help other people understand, accept, and use blockchain technology. We are building games for gamers, especially for those who are new to blockchain and cryptocurrency.
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